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Does Spherion suffer from schizophrenia?

In a survey released in August, Spherion, a large recruitment company based in Florida, says that very few people read or contribute to blogs. “The survey found that 88 percent of workers have not contributed to blogs, message boards or chat rooms about their company, and 83 percent do not read them either.” So why Spherion decided to start a blog named “The Big Time“? Is there a paradox? Not at all, but read more…

Let’s look first at some other results of the July 2006 Spherion Workplace Snapshot survey.

Few workers read or contribute to blogs, message boards or chat rooms about their company: Six percent of U.S. workers say they read blogs, message boards or chat rooms about their company and five percent have contributed to them.

Younger workers more likely to contribute to blogs, message boards or chat rooms about company: Ten percent of U.S. workers aged 25 to 29, and nine percent of those aged 18 to 24, say they have contributed to blogs, message boards or chat rooms about their company—as compared to only three percent of workers aged 40 and above, and five percent of workers overall.

So blogs are not an effective way to communicate with your employees and the outside world? Not so fast. Here is a comment from Nancy Halverson, Spherion vice president of talent management.

“We believe these findings will change quickly over time as blogging gains more popularity as a useful tool for both employers and employees. Blogging has become the newest way of communicating between companies and their important constituents such as customers, employees and prospective employees. Among the benefits of blogging between employers and their employees is a more informal and open line of communication.”

It’s probably for that reason that Spherion decided to launch a blog named “The Big Time.” Here is a quote from the press release which announced the birth of their blog.

The Big Time is the first official blog created by a major staffing company aimed entirely at workers looking to advance their careers. It will feature regular posts from the Company’s extensive network of recruitment professionals and employment experts from around the U.S. Content will include helpful advice and commentary visitors can use in making decisions about their own careers. Visitors will also have the ability to join the conversation, posting their own questions and comments.

These are fine words, but what is the reality? Let’s look at this blog. It was launched on August 9, 2006, a day before the press release about the survey about bloggers. And it has eight authors writing on a variey of subjects, but obviously job-related. Here is an excerpt from the welcome post signed by Roy Krause, President and CEO of the company.

We’d like to help you succeed at whatever career goals you’re trying to reach - whether you need to land your first job or transition into semi-retirement, if you’re a consultant building an at-home business or a mid-level manager looking to make the leap into ‘VP’ land. We’ll help you make it happen by giving you straightforward, real-world advice from Spherion experts that come from a variety of industries, professions and regions.

It really looks like that they want to help people. Anyway, even if it’s another way to find good candidates for jobs, this is not that simple. It seems that the company follows ‘moral’ rules of the blogosphere, allowing comments and answering them. Now, I have a question for people living in North America: is the new Spherion blog useful for you?

Sources: Spherion website

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