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Do you know Gada.be?

This new service, launched this week by Chris Pirillo, from Lockergnome, with the help of developer Shayne Sweeney, is a totally new metasearch engine very well adapted to cell phone users. This service, Gada.be, sends your query to more than 140 services which have an application programming interface (API) and a RSS feed, such as Amazon, Google, MSN ou Yahoo!. But the big innovation of gada.be is that your request is embedded in the URL you enter. For example, if you want to know what others say about this blog, here is the URL you’ll enter: http://blogworkers.gada.be. And you’ll keep it because the contents will be updated as soon as the different queried RSS feeds are updated.

For more information about this service, you can read this article from eWEEK. And the page What is gada.be? will give you more details.

Here are more examples. If I want to know what is written about me, I just have to put my name inside the URL, http://piquepaille.gada.be/.

More complex searches are also possible. If I want to know what is said about my blog about new technologies hosted by ZDNet, I’ll jump to http://emerging technology trends.gada.be.

You also can replace dots by dashes, which will mean AND. If I want to know who’s speaking of me (Roland) and ZDNet, here will be my query: http://roland-zdnet.gada.be/.

This service is brand new, and it seems that the number of servers handling the traffic is somewhat under dimensioned. As a result, Gada.be will sometimes be unavailable, or response times will be quite long.

Meanwhile, do your own experiments and tell me what you think of this great new service. Personally, I think this new service has an enormous potential, especially because it searches only other modern “open services.”

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