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eCourier, based in London, has developed an online package-tracking system which allows for same day delivery services across the UK. All its couriers are equipped with PDAs and customized GPS software. But the development of the Java-based software used for coordinating the back-end and front-end offices has been realized by teams of programmers living in Italy, Germany and the UK. Instead of relying on traditional project management tools to monitor this development, Computerworld writes that eCourier turned to blogging tools to speed package-tracking project.

Here are two short excerpts showing the advantages of these blogging tools.

For eCourier, using blogging tools to help develop the Java-based mapping system made sense for several reasons, said Jay Bregman, eCourier’s co-founder and technology director. “I wanted to cut costs as much as possible, so I couldn’t afford to be traveling from Italy to Germany to the U.K.” to manage the project teams, he said.

At a cost of roughly $1,000 for a five-person license, the blogging tools from Traction Software more than paid for themselves in travel savings alone, said Bregman. “And instead of playing a massive game of telephone [tag] between these [developers], this gave us a source of record between what was being done,” he said.

PS: I already wrote here about the Traction Software tools in “The Dark Blogs.”

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