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7 Keys to Getting Your Employees to Recycle

Recycling is one of those few good habits that we know we should adopt but we still keep putting it off. We make up excuses for our lethargic approach towards it, like "it's complicated" or "we don't know how to do it".

To summarize, it is hard to get yourself to recycle, let alone your employees. Everyone is busy around the workplace so the extra load of work seems very hard for your employees to take. But whenever you have to inspire others to do good, you should start by becoming a role model yourself.

Keeping all that in mind, we have compiled a list of 7 steps which will motivate your employees towards recycling and healthy office waste removal which will result in an environmental friendly office atmosphere.

1. Education

First and foremost, you need to educate your employees about the significance and importance of recycling. Make a presentation about how adopting environmental friendly habits can serve the world. Put together some charts backed up by facts and figures.

After you are done with the presentation, don’t just dump those factsheets. Put them to good use by placing those charts around the waste disposal facility so that the workers in your office notice them every time they pass by it.

2. Motivation

After you have educated your employees about the positive impacts that recycling has on our environment, the next step is to motivate them towards recycling. Now the facts alone may motivate some of your employees but not all of them.

So in addition to the intrinsic rewards you should offer them extrinsic rewards too. For example, you can give bonus to a person who played an important role in recycling in your office so that other employees get motivated to follow his footsteps too. You can also arrange a party for your employees as a reward for recycling.

3. Make the process simple

Often times people fear to make a wrong move which demotivates them to recycle. The process of recycling can be often times made complicated and confusing. There are so many bins which are given different names and in addition to that, there are different colors as well. So, to keep your employees from getting demotivated, you should make the waste disposal facility as comprehendible as you can.

It might also be a good idea to have all the garbage tossed into one bin and then have it sort out later, if that increases employee participation.

4. Conservation

The concept of recycling is far from just putting the trash in the right bin. In addition to recycling it is also important to avoid wasting paper, plastic or other materials especially if there is no need for them. You can also encourage your employees to adopt few simple habits like using both sides of the paper instead of one or turning off the lights when someone leaves their office.

5. Competition

Whenever a person has to compete with another person, his performance automatically improves. To apply this concept, you can set recycling goals and see which person or department achieves the most of them. On the basis of goals achieved, you can reward people.

6. Convenience

If doing something isn’t inconvenient for a person then it’s very likely that he will do it. So to make the process of recycling convenient for your employees, place a bin in everyone’s cubicle so that they don’t have to put much effort into recycling.

7. Make recycling sporting

By putting up a basketball hoop over a recycle bin you will make recycling sporting and it is a possibility that your employees will actually start enjoying it.

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