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A new business blog directory

In a very brief article, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal wrote last week that a Minnetonka-based company has launched a corporate blog directory. This directory, assembled by TMA E-Marketing, currently contains 532 business blogs distributed among 213 categories. I toured the site for you and here are my first impressions.

First, what is the goal of this directory? Here is the company’s answer: “Offering the web a comprehensive collection of the world’s best corporate and Business Blogs.”

So let’s look at the contents of this site which lists business blogs by industry. Here are some of these categories, with the numbers of blogs in each of it: Advertising and Marketing (34), Aerospace and Defense (2), Automotive (9), Computer and Software (24), Public Relations (9) or Technology (24).

But you will not find the big names here, such as Sun Microsystems’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz or GM’s vice-chairman Bob Lutz. I haven’t found either the latest corporate blogs of Intel or Verizon.

And this leads me to another point. The search feature of this directory offers two options: searching something in blog posts or in the last two weeks. But, except if I’m very dumb this morning, I haven’t found a way to directly find a blog in the directory. In other words, this directory is a good thing and we need to encourage the company to improve both its contents and its search tools.

One way to improve this directory is to add your own corporate blog by filling this form to be included in this directory. And if you don’t have one, TMA E-Marketing will be happy to help you to create your own corporate blog.

Sources: Katharine Grayson, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, October 16, 2006; and TMA E-Marketing’s business blog directory

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