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Is Fasthosts blog survey for real?

I found last week a press release from Fasthosts, a UK company specialized in web hosting, which stated that “nearly half of small businesses would use a blog to drive traffic to their website.” The company added that 2,295 businesses participated in its online survey. Fasthosts provided other numbers which all are here to convince U.K. businesses to create a blog hosted by them. But their research paper, ‘Blogging For Business,’ widely taken up by bloggers, is anywhere in sight. Does it exist? Read more…

For example, the press release states that “only three per cent of the 2,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) questioned are actually intending to start a blog.” Here is another quote.

Findings from Fasthosts research paper ‘Blogging For Business’ suggests that SMEs understand the potential business benefits that running a blog on their website could bring, but are failing to put this awareness into action and create one.

But where is this research paper released by a company which is not involved in market analysis?

A search on Google for this document and the name of the company (Search for Fasthosts survey (query 1)) returns 285 results, including news sites such as vnunet.com or ZDNet UK, and lots of blogs. I briefly scanned some of the results and all the sites I looked at are taking the Fasthosts press release at face value.

But a search for the same document restricted to the Fasthosts site (Search for Fasthosts survey (query 2)) only returns 2 results. And none points to the actual ‘Blogging For Business’ paper. So does it really exist?

It’s not really surprising that many people look at a press release and believe what they read. But what amazes me is that a number of these readers put the information on their blogs and sites without having read and checked if the source was available. And I don’t even mention the fact that nobody questions the unknown methodology used in this unavailable — or non-existent — survey.

If I’m wrong, and if you have read the ‘Blogging For Business’ research paper, please post here a pointer to it.

Sources: Fasthosts website

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One Response to “Is Fasthosts blog survey for real?”

  1. Tim BuckToo Says:

    It’s a bit after the event now, but the statistics are I believe based on votes gathered via their online polls: http://www.fasthosts.co.uk/poll/

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