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Do we need ‘multi-screen’ strategies?

I was reading this morning that the editor of a teenager magazine in Australia started a blog last year. And now, Dolly magazine’s editor Bronwyn McCahon relies on her blog, and not on her web site, to maintain strong ties with her community of 14-to-17-year-old readers. And as readers wanted more interactivity, she added SMS and other mobile ways to continue to grow this community. But read more…

Here are some of the discoveries McCahon made after starting the Dolly’s blog.

SMS and the internet are the “backbone of communication” to her target 14-to-17-year-old readers. Building an online community around the Dolly brand is also an opportunity for marketers, Ms McCahon says.

She adds that this market is so competitive that you need to find new ways to capture the minds of these versatile readers.

“With a teen market, there is so much competition for their time and money that it makes sense to access them at every point. A sponsor event might be in the magazine, on the website and the blog and in an SMS update so advertisers get a complete package. They’ll see straight through a straight sell, but if there’s something in it for them like a discount on underwear, the readers say, ‘Cool, Bron, thanks’.”

So McCahon decided to use the tools of our mobile society.

Readers can also sign up to a “mobile club” that distributes marketing tools such as discount vouchers. Dolly will soon roll out a more sophisticated mobile portal. “This generation will text their friends or (send a) picture message about their purchase,” McCahon says. “The power of SMS is incredible.”

And some marketing specialists are going even further.

Matthew Costello, co-founder of mobile marketing company 5th Finger, says marketers and brands are demanding “three-screen” marketing: strategies with television, internet and mobile elements. “They know the consumer may spend time in front of the TV or flicking through a magazine, or on their phone on public transport, and they don’t want to be there in a disparate and disorganised way,” he says.

So will the text-only blog disappear? Will we have all to endorse such ‘multi-screen’ marketing strategies for our blogs? Time will tell, but I’d happy to know what you think.

Source: Nick Miller, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, June 20, 2006

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