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Shogging ’til you drop

Posted on June 24, 2006 by Roland

A US online merchant and comparison shopping site, Pepperjam, has just coined a new word, shogging, an aggregation of shopping and blogging. The company wants its customers to blog about — in fact to comment on — what they’ve purchased in its online store. So far, there are very few comments, but this part of the shopping site only opened two days ago. So we’ll have to revisit it in a couple of months to see if it draws their customers’ attention and if ’shogging’ becomes a popular concept. But read more…

So how do you shog? The illustration below resumes the process (Credit: Pepperjam).

Shogging at Pepperjam

The company gives more explanations on this page. What does it mean to SHOG?

Shopping + Blogging = Shogging, it’s that simple!

Pepperjam’s “Shogging” technology unifies two of the internet’s most popular activities: shopping and blogging. Shogging on Pepperjam is different than anything you’ve ever experienced before because the experience is unified and integrated. Unlike a typical comparison engine experience where your shopping and reviewing (now that’s outdated, isn’t it!) are done separately, on separate pages, and in some cases, different websites, the Pepperjam Comparison Shopping Blog allows you to comparison shop (millions of products / thousands of merchants), read and write blogs, and never leave your unique, individual shopping experience. Isn’t technology great! We think so.

Here is a link to the press release which announced “the Internet’s First Comparison Shopping Blog.”

Kristopher B. Jones, President & CEO of Pepperjam, said, “Unlike a typical comparison engine experience where shopping and reviewing are done separately, on separate pages, and, in some cases, different websites, the Pepperjam Comparison Shopping Blog allows users to comparison shop, read and write blogs, and never migrate away from their unique, individual shopping experience.

Will it work? I really don’t know. First, it is not easy to post a comment. And second, it’s also difficult to find ones. But as this shopping blog is brand new, let’s see how it evolves in the months to come.

Source: Pepperjam company

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Do we need ‘multi-screen’ strategies?

Posted on June 20, 2006 by Roland

I was reading this morning that the editor of a teenager magazine in Australia started a blog last year. And now, Dolly magazine’s editor Bronwyn McCahon relies on her blog, and not on her web site, to maintain strong ties with her community of 14-to-17-year-old readers. And as readers wanted more interactivity, she added SMS and other mobile ways to continue to grow this community. But read more…

Here are some of the discoveries McCahon made after starting the Dolly’s blog.

SMS and the internet are the “backbone of communication” to her target 14-to-17-year-old readers. Building an online community around the Dolly brand is also an opportunity for marketers, Ms McCahon says.

She adds that this market is so competitive that you need to find new ways to capture the minds of these versatile readers.

“With a teen market, there is so much competition for their time and money that it makes sense to access them at every point. A sponsor event might be in the magazine, on the website and the blog and in an SMS update so advertisers get a complete package. They’ll see straight through a straight sell, but if there’s something in it for them like a discount on underwear, the readers say, ‘Cool, Bron, thanks’.”

So McCahon decided to use the tools of our mobile society.

Readers can also sign up to a “mobile club” that distributes marketing tools such as discount vouchers. Dolly will soon roll out a more sophisticated mobile portal. “This generation will text their friends or (send a) picture message about their purchase,” McCahon says. “The power of SMS is incredible.”

And some marketing specialists are going even further.

Matthew Costello, co-founder of mobile marketing company 5th Finger, says marketers and brands are demanding “three-screen” marketing: strategies with television, internet and mobile elements. “They know the consumer may spend time in front of the TV or flicking through a magazine, or on their phone on public transport, and they don’t want to be there in a disparate and disorganised way,” he says.

So will the text-only blog disappear? Will we have all to endorse such ‘multi-screen’ marketing strategies for our blogs? Time will tell, but I’d happy to know what you think.

Source: Nick Miller, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, June 20, 2006

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Is there a future for ads on blogs?

Posted on June 17, 2006 by Roland

Two months ago, I told you that the ad market for blogs was pretty small. A survey from the American Advertising Federation (AAF) released last week brings more bad news. It confirms that a majority of advertisers think that “blogs are too risky to advertise” because of the lack of predictability of the editorial content. Read more…

Before looking specifically at blogs, it’s important to notice that online advertising is expected to vastly grow.

Average spending on online advertising, as a percentage of the total media budget, is anticipated to increase from 15 percent in 2005 to 20 percent in 2006, and forecasted to reach 32 percent by 2010.

Now, let’s look at what this survey (Word format, 2 pages, 32 KB) tells us specifically about blogs and the ad market: “Advertising industry leaders generally have a more positive view of user-generated content sites (MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) than blogs.”

  • While 24% have advertised on a blog and 7% plan to do so in the next year, 19% have advertised on a user-generated content site, and 14% plan to do so in the next year.
  • Blogs are considered to be relatively riskier than user-generated content sites, with 62% agreeing with the statement that “blogs are too risky to advertised with due to lack of predictability of the editorial environment,” and 53% agreeing with the same statement about user generated content.
  • 76% were concerned about “the ability to control brand/product image” on blogs, as opposed to 67% for user-generated content sites.
  • While 70% said that blogs are “useful for niche advertising, but will not have an effect on major accounts,” only 41% agreed with the statement when applied to user-generated content sites.
  • 91% said that advertisers “should exploit the viral marketing opportunities” of user-generated content sites, while 81% said the same of blogs.

So what’s next for blogs if they’re not able to attract advertisers? Nothing for the vast majority of them. But probably unpleasant times for the bloggers who relied on money from ads. And you, what do you think of this survey?

Source: American Advertising Federation news release, June 11, 2006

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Are blog comments important?

Posted on June 15, 2006 by Roland

How do you measure the success of a blog? There are many different metrics, including the number of unique visitors, the number of pages viewed or the number of external links to a particular blog. But some bloggers claim to be successful because they attract a large number of comments. Is this a good measure? Are comments really meaningful? And are they visible? A recent study from the Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam and Nielsen BuzzMetrics gives us some insights on this phenomenon. One of the conclusions of this report is clear: comments are not explored even if they represent 30% of the contents of a blog on average. Therefore, it can be argued that they’re almost useless and that their number doesn’t count — except for the blog owner and the commentators themselves. But read more…

The full survey is available online as a PDF document, “An Analysis of Weblog Comments” (8 pages, 260 KB. And you’ll find some essential numbers below. Of course, you can disagree with the method used by the two researchers, Gilad Mishne and Natalie Glance. Nevertheless, they looked at about 36,000 blogs picked from the Blogpulse index, which is large enough to draw some valid conclusions.

Below is a table showing some of the key numbers of the survey (Credit: report mentioned above).

Survey about blog comments

What are the essential conclusions of this report?

  • Comments constitute a substantial part of the blogosphere, accounting for up to 30% of the volume of weblog posts themselves.
  • On average, comments are shorter than weblog posts (in terms of text length); we estimate that the textual size of the “commentsphere” is 10% to 20% of the size of the blogosphere.
  • [Comments are invisible:] Less than 2% of comment content is currently available in syndicated form.
  • A large number of comments is consistent with the influence level a weblog or post has.
  • Clearly, commented weblogs are substantially more read and linked to. However, there is a chicken-and-egg situation here: assuming a fixed percentage of weblog readers post comments, weblogs which have more incoming links and more readers are more likely to have higher amounts of comments.
  • Finally, we offer a novel way to determine the level of controversy caused by a weblog post by analyzing the type of comments written in response.

After reading the whole survey — or my selected excerpts — a question remains: are comments a good indicator of the success of a blog? As they remain invisible for the most part — you have to visit a blog and voluntarily click the “Comments” link of a post to read them — it seems that comments are only important to the blog owner and to the commentators themselves.

So what do you think? Do you read the comments addressed to you? Do you count them? Are you proud when one of your note attracts a dozen comments? Please post your thoughts.

Sources: Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam and Nielsen BuzzMetrics, April 10, 2006

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My hat off to Jonathan Schwartz

Posted on June 11, 2006 by Roland

Even if Technorati tracks more than 40 million blogs, this new medium has not been widely adopted by well-established brands — except by some high-tech companies. Jonathan Schwartz was #2 at Sun Microsystems when he launched his blog almost two years ago (check this former story for more). Now that he’s the CEO, he continues to blog about his new job or how Sun has to eliminate more than 5,000 jobs. This is at the same time refreshing and encouraging — except maybe for the employees losing their jobs. But Schwartz is going even further by allowing you and me to directly rate all Sun products on the Web. It will be interesting to see how this experiment evolves. But read more…

Before going further about these experiments at Sun, please read some of Schwartz’s recent comments on what he thinks about Scott McNealy, his former boss (April 25, 2006), what represents blogging for a CEO (April 30, 2006) or how he analyzed the changes which forced the company to eliminate — at least 5,000 jobs(May 31, 2006).

After reading Schwartz’s thoughts, you’ll probably admit that he’s probably unique today.

And in a world where many companies are almost paralyzed when they think about how their customers can openly talk about their products, he’s even going further, allowing not only Sun’s customers, but everyone, to rate Sun products. Below are selected excerpts from this column, “Sunlight is the Best Informant” (June 2, 2006).

We know the most valued information travels by word of mouth. Through blogs, on-line reviews, or other on-line conversations. Or “kneecap to kneecap,” as we sit across the table from customers in our briefing centers. And frankly, the most valuable information about Sun doesn’t come from Sun, it comes from other customers.

So how can you do this?

[You’ll] see something very interesting next week start to appear on Sun’s web pages and throughout our on-line store. You’ll start to see product reviews written by users. You’ll see user defined ratings, right on our products. Just like book or product reviews at Amazon. We’re starting with just a few products, but it’ll ultimately extend all the way up to our highest end enterprise offerings.

Dan Farber, in his Between the Lines blog for ZDNet, was one of the first to comment this new Sun’s initiative in “Schwartz increases sunlight on sun.com” (June 4, 2006). [Disclaimer: I’m also writing a blog for ZDNet, Emerging Technology Trends.]

What will be interesting is to see how Sun handles the trolls, who will certainly flame away on sun.com. Schwartz says that customers will trust the opinions of the users more Sun’s spiel, and he’s right–as long as their is transparency among users, such as using their real names, and that they actually have first-hand knowledge of the products.

Schwartz acknowledges the risks, including that competitors would take advantage of the openness to trash Sun products. He concludes that the bigger risk is leaving customers, who aren’t aware of what Sun has to offer, in the dark. “Transparency’s at least a part of the solution. If not an outright competitive weapon.” Schwartz opines in the blog post. Let the conversations begin…

And here is how Schwartz details the biggest risks caused by this initiative.

The far bigger risk is that we’d meet another customer surprised by what we had to offer. Unaware that our systems were 5 times as energy efficient as our competitors. That Solaris was free, open source, and available on Dell or HP. Or that Thumper was about to reset the economics of the storage industry.

Now, let’s go to the practical details. How do you comment on a Sun product?

It’s easy, but it could be easier… First, you have to go to the Sun Products page. Then, you’ll have to choose one, and — if you’re lucky — you’ll see a “Perspectives” tab for the product. Click on it, and in a new window, you’ll see a “Customer Rating & Reviews” tab. Click on it, and write your own review.

For example, here are two links to comments written about the Star Office 8 software or the Sun Fire T2000 Server.

Please note that not all product pages include this possibility — as of today — and that your comments will need to be approved before being published. But it seems to me that it’s only to avoid spam or illegal contents, not a way to avoid criticism.

Finally, if you want to read what other bloggers from Sun are thinking and writing about, here is their hub, blogs.sun.com.

Sources: Jonathan Schwartz’s Weblog; and other web sites

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From Web 2.0 to Enterprise 2.0

Posted on June 7, 2006 by Roland

BusinessWeek has written a guide for CEOs who don’t know what Web 2.0 is, telling them it’s time for Enterprise 2.0. Like yourself, I like good buzzwords, but do we really need another one? After all, what is Web 2.0? Nothing more than a bunch of interactive applications not residing on your servers. I know, it’s a little bit more complex than this, so read Robert Hof’s excellent — but long — article to discover his thoughts. Or read below for selected excerpts and comments.

Hof starts with what are Web 2.0 sites.

Web 2.0 sites are not online places to visit so much as services to get something done — usually with other people. From Yahoo!’s photo-sharing site Flickr and the group-edited online reference source Wikipedia to the teen hangout MySpace, and even search giant Google, they all virtually demand active participation and social interaction. If these Web 2.0 folks weren’t so geeky, they might call it the Live Web.

And why is it a live Web? Because the concept of social networks is more and more present and is starting to enter corporations.

Companies are starting to take a page from MySpace, Facebook, and other social-networking services. The reason: As appealing as that social aspect is for teens and anyone else who wants to stay in closer touch with friends, it’s even more useful in business. After all, businesses in one sense are social networks formed to make or sell something.

So it’s no surprise that corporate-oriented social networks are gaining a toehold. LinkedIn, an online service for people to post career profiles and find prospective employees, is the recruiting tool of choice for a number of companies.

Hof also points out that young people entering big — and small — companies are using communication tools that executives may not know — or use.

Site supporter

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Where to start? Watch what kids are doing. If they use e-mail at all, it’s a distant fourth to instant messaging, personal blogs, and the social networking sites, because they’re much easier to use for what matters to them: staying in touch with friends. Companies need to provide more compelling ways for this highly connected bunch as they move into the workforce, bringing their valuable contacts in tow. “Young people are not going to go to companies where they can’t use these new tools,” says [Ray Lane, former Oracle president.] “They’ll say, ‘Why would I want to work here?’”

And here is a last quote about blogs.

Then there’s blogging. It’s worthwhile to spend considerable time reading some popular blogs, which you can find at Technorati.com, to get a feel for how online conversation works. Only then should execs try their hand at blogging — and perhaps first inside their companies before going public. Thick skin is a requirement, since the “blogosphere” can be brutal on anything that sounds like spin.

I’ll develop this “thick skin” concept in the weeks to come. But in the mean time — and even if you’re not a CEO — you also should read Hof’s CEO Guide to Technology, a list of things to do and to avoid when dealing with so-called Web 2.0 technology.

Source: Robert Hof, BusinessWeek Online, June 5, 2006

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Can you be ‘dooced’?

Posted on June 4, 2006 by Roland

In case you don’t remember the first employee who was fired because of her blogging activities, it happened in 2002 to Heather Armstrong who was a Web designer at this time. And as she was — and still is — blogging under the pseudonym of Dooce, ‘dooced’ became a synonym for getting into trouble because of comments found on a Web site. Four years later, NewsFactor Network publishes a long article about people who still ignore the rules of the Internet age and are overexposed in the blogosphere, putting their jobs — or their future careers — at risk. Read more…

Before going further, let’s look at Heather Armstrong. Here is a link to her story, written by herself.

Now, the NewsFactor Network article is a little bit too long to summarize. So I just selected the specific case of someone looking for a new job but didn’t know that what she wrote on her blog was public.

Site supporter

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When CollegeRecruiter.com was looking for student bloggers, chief executive Steve Rothberg got an application from a strong candidate who not only had a blog already, but also articulated her skills well in the cover letter. Rothberg was eager to interview her, but first popped onto her blog to see how she handled content. It turned out that she was handling a whole lot more than that.

“With one click, I got information about her sexual behavior that I really didn’t want to know,” he says. “There was no password protection, and it wasn’t like she had tried to hide her blog from me. She told me about it and gave me the link, like she was proud of it.”

When Rothberg rejected her application, he detailed his objections, noting that he would not want to risk having the candidate post inappropriate material to a professional blog. The blogger sent back a deeply apologetic note, writing that she had no idea that he would see that part of her blog, even though there was a clear link to the content right on the blog’s home page.

“She just had no realization that the things she posted for friends could be seen by other people,” says Rothberg. “She thought that whatever she wanted to be private would just magically be private because she wanted it to be. I think many people are going to find out that once you put something on the Internet, it’s public.”

As you’re reading this, I’m sure you know that everything being put on a Web site — or a blog — is public and can haunt you one day. But it seems that many people don’t know that yet.

Source: Elizabeth Millard, NewsFactor Network, May 30, 2006

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A Browster for your browser

Posted on June 1, 2006 by Roland

In these days of information overload, we all need tools to help us speed up our online researches and readings. And even if it exists for a year, it’s a recent column by Rafe Needleman, from CNET News.com, which introduced me to Browster, a little plug-in for Internet Explorer and Firefox. It’s free, doesn’t contain any spyware or adware, and it’s a great productivity tool for browsing. Unfortunately, it only works for Windows users — no Mac or Linux versions exist. But I’ve been using it for almost a week now and here is my review of this great little tool.

So how does Browster work? After a small download and a quick installation, small icons will appear close to all links on a page you’re viewing. Move your cursor over the icon, and a pop-up window will appear with the contents of the page referenced by the link. Move back the cursor, and the window will close. No need to click on the link, no need to return to the previous page: it’s still available.

But wait, it’s even better with some sites such as Google, Yahoo! or eBay. While you’re looking at the result list, Browster reads it and preloads all the links. This means that when you move the cursor to a Browster icon, the page is immediately visible. You also can extend this prefetch feature to any site of your choice — at least in the Internet Explorer version.

And even if this was not enough, you can really browse in a Browster window: you can use the arrow keys to move up and down within a window; you can use the page-up and page-down keys to move from a link to another; and you can even visit a new link!

In the mean time, your original page is still waiting for you: what a saving of time! I’m sure your mouse and your wrist will ask you to thank Browster.

However, there are still a couple of things that could be improved — for my own usage at least. With Internet Explorer, the Browster icon can appear far from a link (on “regular” pages, but not on a Google result page), which means it disappears before you reach it. On the contrary, with Firefox — but I’m using a much greater resolution — the icons can be so close from a link that the pop-up window might appear even if you don’t want.

And of course, it would be better if a Mac and a Linux version were in the works. But it doesn’t seem to be the case anytime soon.

But for a Windows user of Firefox, this neat application really is “extraordinarily useful,” as writes Needleman.

If you want to know more before installing this plug-in on your system, you can read the Frequently Asked Questions section or the Browster Blog.

Sources: Rafe Needleman, CNET News.com, May 26, 2006; and Browster web site

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