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IHT workers launch a blog

Today is the International Workers’ Day, also known as May Day or Labor Day, and it seems appropriate to focus on a blog opened by employees fighting for their jobs. Last month, the management of the International Herald Tribune (IHT), an international newspaper owned by the New York Times but still headquartered in Paris, France, decided to suppress some jobs and to move others to Hong Kong. And the IHT workers have opened a blog, IHT en lutte, to fight again this decision. Will it be useful? We’ll see in the coming weeks.

This blog has an interesting motto: “quotidien américain, fabriqué à Paris, partiellement délocalisé à Hong Kong, 100% New York Times” (”American newspaper, made in Paris, partially outsourced to Hong Kong, 100% New York Times”).

But it’s not terribly active: only 7 notes in 2 weeks. Most of these notes are informative about the conflict between the management and the employees. But it seems to me that the employees are not promoting enough this blog to support their fight.

For example, to my knowledge, only one French newspaper, Libération, has published an article about this conflict, “L’International Herald Tribune licencie.” The journalists at the IHT should search from more support from their peers.

And here is another example. This blog is written in French, so I doubt it can become an efficient tool for the employees. In my opinion, this blog, as the IHT itself, should be published in English. What do you think?

2 Responses to “IHT workers launch a blog”

  1. ihtenlutte Says:

    Hi, bonjour as we are in Paris,

    The blog is very recent, just a week and some articles are on different sites (http://www.acrimed.org, http://bellaciao.org/fr). France Inter (blog à part, Thurday 5).

    The journalists are not threaten by this plan, it’s mainly employees.
    Some articles have now an English version.

  2. Roland Says:

    I knew that journalists were less theatened by employees, but I thought that even employees should use the same ‘language’ as their management.

    Thank you for the information about articles on your blog having an English version and good luck for your future with the IHT!

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