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The “Fiscally Fit” weekly column of the Wall Street Journal is looking at the value of a blog and at what price you can sell a blog to a press group or a television station for example. In “What’s Your Blog Worth?” (access limited to paying subscribers), Terri Cullen writes that many companies find interesting and relatively cheap to buy a blog to gain access to its readers. And she even mentions my name because I’m continuing to write a blog about emerging technology trends for ZDNet.

Here is what she writes about my blogging activity.

Anita Campbell, editor of the blog Small Business Trends, based in Cleveland, Ohio, says she’s also seeing more hybrid business arrangements, where the blogger retains ownership of the blog but is paid to direct traffic to a corporate site.

A recent example of this type of partnership was French blogger Roland Piquepaille’s deal with Zdnet.com, owned by CNET Networks Inc. in San Francisco. Posts on his Roland Piquepaille Technology Trends blog now include a brief description of his commentary on the particular topic at hand, but if you want to read the entire post you must click on a link that takes you to the Emerging Technology Trends blog he pens on Zdnet.

In fact, this is not completely true. I proposed this format to ZDNet to build the audience of the new blog. And Cullen was unable to reach me by e-mail before the deadline for her column.

If you want to sell your blog — which is not my case — what price can you ask for? Here is the answer from Steve Broback, a founder of Blog Business Summit, a conference organizer in Seattle.

How much a corporate buyer would be willing to pay for a blog varies depending on the content, but generally an offer of one to two times annual revenue would be consistent with offers for other small, Web-based media properties, Mr. Broback says. If your blog generates revenue of $10 a day, or $3,650 a year, you might expect to receive an offer in the ballpark of $7,500.

For more information, the full text of the Wall Street Journal article is available from a blog called Big Slick Nuts.

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