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IBM’ers asked to start blogs

As you already know, there are today more than 2,800 active internal blogs at IBM. But now, as Silicon Valley Watcher revealed last Friday in “Can blogging boost IBM’s revenues and reduce layoffs?,” IBM is asking its 330,000 employees to start blogs. And, as mentioned Neville Hobson in “IBM Creating an Army of Evangelists,” if only one percent of IBM’s employees are turning into bloggers, we’ll have to deal with more than 3,000 new blogs.

But this initiative is different from the ones at Microsoft or Sun Microsystems. IBM wants to promote individual initiatives. There will not be a single site referencing all blogs from IBM’s employees, at least in a first step.

Of course, IBM bloggers will need to follow some guidelines. And Jonathan Schwartz, the chairman of Sun Microsystems, immediately offered his help in this note (scroll to the end of it). He offered for free Sun’s blogging policy to IBM, which would only have to replace the word “Sun” by “IBM.”

Obviously, IBM didn’t accept cette proposal and published its own policy, “IBM Blogging Policy and Guidelines” (PDF format, 6 pages, 79 KB). You can read a summary of these rules on page two of this document, but you will not discover anything exciting. Like every big company these days, IBM is relying on its employees’ common sense.

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