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The Blog of Intel President Paul Otellini

Intel President Paul Otellini, who will become CEO in May, has a blog. But it’s an internal blog, available only to Intel employees. Of course, there are always information leaks in companies the size of Intel (85,000 employees).

So it’s not a surprise that the contents of Otellini’s blog are now appearing. In “Intel blog: what the boss thinks,” the Mercury News looks at this blog and also at other executives who blog directly for the public.

The Mercury News also posted on its site the contents of Otellini’s blog (PDF format, 16 pages, 121 KB) for the period going from December 14, 2004 to January 19, 2005.

If you don’t have enough time to read the whole document, here is a link to my personal selection of Otellini’s writings.

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  1. Blogs for Companies » Blog Archive » Intel’s IT Blog Says:

    […] About ten days ago, Intel Corp. decided to start a blog focused on information technology (IT), http://blogs.intel.com/it/. Of course, Intel has used blogs before, but internally. Do you remember the leak about its CEO’s blog, Paul Otellini, in February 2005? Now, Intel has decided to enter the corporate blogosphere, with a minimalist design, but with some serious bloggers. Here are my first impressions. […]

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