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An update on Mark Jen’s blog

Two days ago, I told you about Mark Jen, the Google’s employee who openly criticized his company, while using the blogging tool provided by Google (check “Mark Jen’s blog, (ex-future?) Google’s employee” for more.)

According to this article from CNET News.com, “Google blogger reappears, redacted,” Jen kept his job — and his blog , (ninetyninezeros).

In a note aptly named “oops!,” Jen acknowledges he put things on his blog that would never should have been posted there. So he removed some contents, while insisting he did it on his own initiative, and without any pressure from his hierarchy. He even writes that Google was “pretty cool.”

Anyway, in another more recent note, “what.. what would you say… ya do here?“, he says he’s an “associate product manager” for AdSense. And with his now usual candor — or irresponsibility –, he writes he likes his new job, even if he was reluctant in the first place to fill this position.

Even if this story has a happy end — at least for the moment — for Jen, don’t ever follow his example.

If your company has no clear policy about what employees can write during their free time, use common sense. And in particular, don’t criticize your company, its products or your boss.

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